From Neuwelt to the Whole World. 300 Years of Harrach Glass


The Harrach Glassworks in Neuwelt (Nový Svět) in the Krkonoše Mountains ranks among the most accomplished companies that have had a determining influence on the world renown of Czech glassmaking. The first authoritative monograph on this oldest existing glassworks in Bohemia summarizes the findings of the decade-plus archival research and classification of glass collections in Czech and foreign museums.


The volume features essays and selected examples of the Harrach glassworks’ output, accompanied by a rich body of illustrations. The book provides a detailed history of Harrach glass, starting with products fashioned in the Baroque style, through its highly varied output in the Biedermeier and Historicism styles, followed by distinctive Art Nouveau forms, and the glassworks’ attempts to adapt its products to the Art Deco and Functionalist styles, all the way to innovative approaches to glass design after 1945, and ending with contemporary glass.



The Museum Publication of 2012 – First Prize in the Gloria musaealis National Museum Competition


Editor: Jan Mergl
Texts: Helena Brožková, Jarmila Brožová, Florian Knothe, Jan Luštinec,
Jan Mergl, Lenka Merglová Pánková, Jan Schöttner
Publishers: UPM and Arbor vitae, 2012
Editions: English and Czech
Format: 29 x 25 cm, hard cover
Pages: 440
Reproductions: more than 1000
ISBN 978-80-7101-113-2
Price: 2 200 CZK (in English)


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