Glass in Brno and Moravia ca. 1200–1550


Volume I. Assessment of Finds
Volume II. Catalogue of Glass


Two-volume book supplemented by a CD represents a unique achievement in the field of research into medieval glass in Moravia. The first volume is devoted to the assessment of the finds of glass from the individual historical periods (Přemyslid era, the Luxembourgs, etc.). The assessment includes chemical analyses of glass and the placement of glassmaking in the historical context. The second volume is a catalogue of the finds of glass with over three thousand specimens of vessels.


The catalogue also features the assessment of their individual shapes. Both volumes are accompanied by rich picture and photographic documentation. In addition, volume II is supplemented by a CD with a catalogue of features listing over 300 sites which yielded glass, i.e. the contexts of the individual glass items.



Publishers: Archaia Brno, UPM
Text: Hedvika Sedláčková
Edition: English with Czech resumé after each chapter
Format: 30,6 x 23 cm, hard cover
Pages: 235 (vol. I), 491 (vol. lI)
Volume I ISBN 978-80-7101-181-1 (UPM)
Volume II ISBN 978-80-7101-185-9 (UPM)
Price (in UPM): 1500 CZK


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